Four Ways to Avoid Catching and Spreading the Flu Virus

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  1. Achoo: Cover your mouth and nose.  It starts with a tickle, a prickle, and an itch: Achoo – Cover up that sneeze with a tissue to avoid spreading the flu germs.
  2. Prevent Flu:  Soap away germs.  Scrubbing germy hands is one of the top tips for preventing spread of the flu. So is a quick splash and dash all you need?  NO!  A rule of thumb is to sing Happy Birthday and keep scrubbing till you are ready to blow out the candles.
  3. Don’t be touchy:  Keep your hands off your face.  Rubbing your eyes, nose, or mouth is a sure fire way to get the flu.
  4. Good Health Beats the Flu: When you’re in good health, your immune system is stronger. So keep yourself in top health this flu season and throughout next year.
  5. How you say?
    1. Get your flu shot before Thanksgiving
    2. Eat your vegetables
    3. Get plenty of sleep
    4. Reduce stress.

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