Senior care or elder care will soon be a big topic in the world. From temporary care due to to an unexpected event or long term care due to change of season of one’s life, there is so many levels of care that can be provided.

The cost can be shocking if you don’t know your options. You will find that the more you ask, the more you investigate the more you will save while getting better services.

You will also get more peace of mind. You will uncover that price doesn’t guarantee you a better level of service and you will learn what really matters in order to get the service you need for yourself or loved ones.

We will cover topics on Senior Care, Disabled Care, Medical Companions, Home Care and more.
Q:  When Was Advocates On Call (AOC) founded?
A:   AOC was founded in 2008 in Boynton Beach, FL.  Elaine Cohen, the Founder and CFO, founded the business from scratch.  AOC is not a franchise.

Q:  What makes Advocates On Call unique in the delivery of services to clients?
A:  AOC management establishes close communication between the client, their caregiver and the client’s family to find solutions.  Our goal is for the individual to live the best quality of life while be treated with dignity and respect.

Q:  AOC is licensed by the State of Florida to provide home companion services.  What specifically does that mean and what services are provided to clients?
A:  Advocates On Call, is licensed by The State of Florida, to provide companion services for clients, in the home, rehabilitation facilities and hospitals.  AOC’s licensed service area extends from Miami, FL to Port St. Lucie, FL.  A wide range of services are provided to clients.  Services include light housekeeping, meal preparation, accompanying clients to appointments and events, shopping and general companionship.

Q:  How does a client determine which services are appropriate to their needs and all of the activities a caregiver will perform?
A:  A complimentary assessment will be conducted to determine what services are required and the frequency.  During the initial assessment, AOC will present the perspective client with a sheet outlining the responsibilities that the caregiver is expected to perform.

Q:  What is the Fee for services and how do I pay?
A:  The fee for services is competitive and affordable.  The client signs the caregiver’s timesheets thus approving the charges.  Client is billed for services rendered.

Q:  Do you accept long-term insurance?
A:  We accept most long-term care insurance.  We will make the initial call with you to determine if your plan will cover our services.

Q:  Does Medicare pay for your services?
A:  No.  Our services are considered custodial care not skilled care.

Q:  Does Advocates On Call provide services other than companion services?
A:  Yes, AOC provides bookkeeping, bill paying, assistance with medical forms, consulting on Veteran Benefits and filing long-term insurance claims.  (AOC works closely with many long-term insurance carriers.)

Q:  What transportation services are available?
A:  We will take clients to appointments and events, restaurants, hospitals, shopping and all airports and ports of call in south Florida.  When AOC is with a client, we are with that client exclusively.  We accompany the client to their destination and wait with them.

Q:  Does Advocates On Call make referrals regarding independent and assisted living facilities to clients?
A:  AOC provides information regarding independent and assisted living facilities, which will assist the client in making a decision.  We will work with the client and family to determine individual and financial needs.  We will arrange for tours of the communities and tour with the client and/or family.  We even help negotiate the contract and coordinate the move.

Q:  What are the qualifications of AOC’s caregivers?
A:  All caregivers have extensive companion experience, speak and read English, are individually interviewed/references checked and undergo a Level 2 background check.

Q:  Does Advocates On Call carry insurance?
A:  Advocates On Call carries professional and general liability insurance.  Additionally, our caregivers carry liability insurance.

Q:  How do I communicate with Advocates On Call?
A:  We are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  There are various ways to contact Advocates On Call:

  1. Office Telephone:  561-734-0170, Cell:  561-635-5870
  2. Transportation Specialist: Cell 508-451-2186
  3. Web-Page:
  4. E-mail:
  5. Face Book:  Advocates On Call