How to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe and Happy Right in Their Own Home

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Most adults prefer to live their days right in their own home rather than moving to a senior care facility or nursing home. They want to remain as independent as possible, rather than feeling confined in a place that’s unfamiliar and foreign. As a son or daughter, you find yourself concerned about your parents, wishing that you could take care of them yourself, yet knowing you are unable to what with work, taking care of your own family, and your parents’ home miles away. This is especially true if your loved one is living alone now, his or her spouse having passed away.

You may have visited your mom or dad recently, and was shocked at how he or she looked and how the house appeared. In the past, the place was very neat and tidy, and your mom/dad looked impeccable as always. But now, it seems as if she’s/he’s not her/his usual self, the dirty dishes and laundry have piled up, the dust has gathered, and she tells you that she/he is tired all the time, wanting to just lie down and watch television. She/he doesn’t have a lot of energy to bathe herself, which is why she looks so unkempt.

So what do you do? You try to convince her/him to move into your home, or to a facility, but she/he really doesn’t want to move. She/he says she’s/he’s happy right there, but you’re really worried about her/his health and safety. And this is when you come up with the idea of having your Mom or Dad taken care of right in her/his own home. A home care provider is someone who takes care of your loved ones right in their own home. This is an excellent choice for your loved ones who want to stay in familiar surroundings and yet who need assistance in their daily activities of living. This also means that they can remain relatively independent and have the freedom to do whatever they normally do – the big advantage is that there is someone right there on hand to assist them. They do not have to wait for assistance and receive one on one care without waiting.

Knowing that your loved one is well taken care of can definitely give you peace of mind. In addition to assisting your loved one with her daily activities, such as light housekeeping, cooking, shopping, and getting the laundry done. A home companion provider can provide much needed conversation and companionship, and encourage your loved one to go for walks and do some exercise.
Truly, older adults don’t have to be confined in senior facilities, especially if they much prefer being in their own home and in familiar surroundings. A home companion can definitely help your loved ones remain as independent as possible and give them the freedom to do the things they like and enjoy.



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