“What they promised was not what they delivered.” We felt this way years ago when WE needed services for our loved ones. We heard the same from those like us as all of us were trying to find reputable and affordable help for our loved ones.

We got through it and did it mostly ourselves. Others asked our help seeing we were succeeding through the maze. After it all we saw a huge hole in the level of affordable care. It was that epiphany (and soon to be clients insistence)that we then decided to start Advocates On Call.

We are the home companion service that listens! We are here to help “Watch List” and “Surveys”?

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We have experienced first hand, the fear, confusion and stress facing seniors and their loved ones.

Don’t be a victim!

Dad was not satisfied with his care! We strongly agreed. Managing elder affairs is extremely time consuming, difficult and challenging. From afar, it only becomes more complicated.

We faced daily nightmares:

Elaine’s father was hospitalized after a bad fall. Before we even got to Florida, Dad was released from the hospital and sent to a rehabilitation center. No time to plan and research… The facility was selected based solely on availability of a bed and location.

What do you do when many of the doctors and medical facilities, don’t accept your health insurance or long term care insurance? Try getting your prescriptions filled…

Together, we provide solutions and proactively handle your needs. We adhere to highest professional standards.

We have decided to stay permanently in Florida and to help others like we helped our parents. Our goal is to help you live the best quality of life possible.


Elaine’s background is in human resources, financial consulting, event planning/coordination and working with seniors. She has been responsible for staffing, benefit administration, dealing directly with insurance companies, budgeting, and payroll.

Elaine is the Co-Founder/Executive Director of Women’s Executive Network. The organization is a professional women’s networking group which offers professional development luncheons and an exclusive leads group. Annually, Women’s Executive Network supports a team for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. In addition, Elaine serves on two Executive Committees of the American Cancer Society of Boca Raton. It is her way of paying to forward.

Elaine has been certified as a National Certified Guardian by the Center for Guardianship Certification. She meets the level of knowledge, expertise and professionalism in guardianship services to be identified to the public as a National Certified Guardian (NCG).

In addition, Elaine is active in the community and is an active member of the Delray Business Executives Leads Group, Elaine believes on doing one on one’s and giving referrals.

Gordon has a degree in Psychology and took graduate courses in business and management. He has held executive positions for many years, where he worked with and managed people of all ages. He has excelled when it comes to assisting children, teens and seniors in various capacities over the years.

He gives group tours of the Main Courthouse in West Palm Beach, FL. During Law Week in April, he gave tours to over three hundred and forty students. Gordon was recognized by the 15th Judicial Circuit Court as an outstanding volunteer.

Gordon is an Ambassador for the Delray Chamber of Commerce. He enjoys participating in the community and meeting fellow business owner’s and connecting with individuals.

He is a “people person”. Gordon finds it fascinating to hear the life stories our clients share with him.

Elaine and Gordon both believe in paying it forward. They have become active in the community. It is their way of giving back. Elaine is an active member of the Delray Business Executives and Gordon is an Ambassador for the Delray Chamber of Commerce.