Here’s what they’re saying:

Thank you for being there for my Mother when she was in a crisis in Lake Worth, FL. I don’t know I would have done without your help.
-P. Adams 

Our patient needed someone to come with her. Your services are greatly appreciated.
-Visual Health Center, Lake Worth, FL

After I spoke with you, I had peace of mind and was comforted knowing you would take care of my parents.
-parents in Boynton Beach, FL, daughter in NJ

This is the best companion I have had in nine months.
She is a great cook, companion, drives well and I am so happy.
-S.F., Delray Beach, FL

Elaine Cohen’s level of commitment to her clients is impressive.
After experiencing first-hand the frustration of substandard, non-coordinated elder care, she’s become an expert at cutting through red tape, getting people the assistance they need, and keeping family members informed –- even when they’re halfway across the country.
-Paula Detwiller, Delray Beach, Florida

Attached is the Power of Attorney I spoke to Gordon about this afternoon. I just realized that it has to be notarized as well. Will you be able to have it notarized? Once it is signed, please fax it. Thank you for helping with this. I notice you did not charge for helping my Mother find her passport. Please send me an invoice for any time you spend in assisting us.
Your help is greatly appreciated and it is a relief to know you are available to help.
-Rhea L. Voloshen

Hi Elaine and Gordon,
I spoke with my dad on Sunday and he told me that Gordon was helping him wash windows! I am so sorry…he just doesn’t understand! Thank you so much! You two are the best!!! I will let you know that they have arrived safely.

It was a pleasure meeting you and Gordon as well. It is very comforting to know that we have you both available as resources for all of us as we work through the decision making process and the logistics of implementing that decision .
Best, Liz

First of all, thank you for working with my parents to help them sort through their future plans. I think it is helpful for them to hear a fresh
and objective perspective.

I spoke with my Dad and he told me that you were helping him prepare for my parent’s trip to Boston. My family and I are all really looking forward to seeing them. I know that you plan to drive them to the airport on Tuesday and I will pick them up in Boston. I don’t know if they would do it for a family member so I am asking if you could look into that as
you would have more credibility.

I hope you and Gordon are well. Thank you both for all that you do – it is much appreciated – and feel free to call us anytime. My parents will be with me at this address.

It was great meeting both you and Gordon. It is difficult to find good people to help take care of the needs of our parents. As Liz said, it is comforting to know that you are there to help. We are excited to have my parents go stay with Fran for the summer. Without your professional help it would not be possible for my parents to get organized, prepare the house for leaving and coordinate all the travel details. They just could not make trip. I am sure we will be in touch to coordinate our efforts. Again, thanks to you both for your help and support.

Thank you so much Elaine. You have brought me such peace of mind.
I think my mom will LOVE you, and I’m sure she will like Jodi as well. Thanks so, so much Elaine. I’ll get the needed scripts from Mom’s doctor tomorrow. I think there’s more going on with her legs – hence her immobility. I (and my family) am so grateful to you for stepping up
to the task so quickly today. We all have more peace of mind. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Please give my best to Gordon and thank him for coming with you today to meet my mom.

My Mom cannot get into our van. My sister Erin was raving about Gordon today. I greatly appreciate you providing car service and help getting her to the doctor, MRI facility and home.

You and Gordon have been WONDERFUL. I am so pleased that I had the presence of mind to call you. I was so worried about my mom. It’s very hard to see her in pain (and confused as well between night and day, etc.). Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My family is so grateful.

Thanks for stopping in and checking on my mom. I’d like to get your thoughts/observations on how she’s doing. Thanks a million!!!