Top Considerations in Choosing a Home Care Provider

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Top Considerations in Choosing a Home Companion
There are many things that can make you consider obtaining home companion services for you or your loved one. You or your loved one may be suffering from an illness or condition and need short or long term care, or may need help with the daily activities of living while recovering from surgery. You may also have loved one who prefers to stay at home as much as possible rather than of moving to a nursing home or a long term care facility. A home companion can provide this care and assistance to ensure that you or your loved one is comfortable and well taken care at home.

There are many things you should look into when choosing a home companion agency. We customize our services to meet your personal needs and individual schedule. Home companion services offer a wide range of options to help you or your loved one improve mobility and independence, and household support to help with the cooking, cleaning, shopping, and running errands. We are flexible and customize services based on what you or your loved one needs to maintain independence in the comfort of home.

To help you choose wisely, here are some top considerations when choosing a home companion agency.

  1. Assessment of your home care needs

First, your home care needs should be assessed. A thorough assessment of where you or your loved one may need assistance in must be done so that the right home care provider can be assigned. Special care must also be given if you or your loved one is suffering from memory loss, loneliness or dementia. This should be discussed so that the right caregiver can be assigned.

  1. Long-term care insurance

Another important consideration is the costs of home companion services. Our rates are affordable and competitive. We can accept most long-term care insurance.

  1. Company background and worker qualification

You should also look into the background of the home companion agency you are considering, making sure that they are licensed, reputable and insured. The care givers should be qualified for the job, and credentials should be thoroughly evaluated to ensure quality of care. For your protection, you should also make sure that the company’s caretakers are insured.

  1. Responsiveness of the company

The home companion agency should always be ready to address any questions you have, as well as any emergencies or situations that arises. You should always be able to speak with someone when you call the company 24/7.  Choosing the right home companion agency for your needs is essential to ensure that the care given is commendable and up to the task. Remember these top considerations so that you will have a smooth and excellent relationship with the home companion agency you choose for you or your loved one.



  1. Mary  November 1, 2011

    The most important thing in your above list is Long Term Insurance.Because if your insurance provider doesn’t support such a service then Home Care can put a significant hole in your pocket.


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